FT-2400 expanded TRX frequency range

Remove the 2 allen screws holding the front panel. On the "CONTROL UNIT", locate the Jumpers Points. JP2 must be OPEN, JP1 AND JP3 must be CLOSED with solder. When JP6 is CLOSED, you can use the 1750hz tone acces for european repeaters.

The expanded range is 118 to 174 mhz on the display, but work only for 140 to 174 mhz.

Hi, Regarding the mod info on the Yaesu FT-2500 2400 2600. These radios were designed with 3 stage Advanced Track Tuning which allows the radios to work at full power evenly across its entire range 140-174Mhz. The radio retunes itself as it goes resulting in no burned out finals excellent intermod rejection and full output accross the entire band. I thought I would drop you a line and put this debate to rest. David Bryndal