Clarifier Unlock Mods

This mod was sent to me by John, thank you.
I have been trying to find a way to unlock the clarifier on my Galaxy Melaka and I have even put up several post for help, searched the internet and still had no luck.
Well I finally decided to look at the circuit diagram myself (Galaxy Service Manual - L.M. Franklin)and with a little help from the great tech people at Galaxy, I have success.
The Melaka uses the EPT3600-14B board, the same board that it is the DX77/88/99, they all have a course and a fine clarifier, so I figured why can't the Melaka, well it can!

Remove R141.
Remove D38.
Solder bridge J106 pin 54 to 8 volts. (This mod is available on the Galaxy website and it will unlock the stock clarifier to give +/-1.5kc).
Now get a 20k pot (VR) (Galaxy can refer you to a company that can get you a dual pot. 1K/20K)
The center goes to J106 pin 50.
The outer 2 lugs goto pins 49 and 52, they are easy to see, cause they are empty on the plug.
You are all set.
A 10kHz slide on the course and you still have the original clarifier as your fine tune +/-1.5kc.
If you do not have the double VR, you can pull out the tone control and mount the 20k pot there, it's rare that you have to play with the tone if you are not using CW.
Just set it and leave it in the radio.
You will need to have a frequency counter on the melaka or you will be lost in frequency limbo. (My guess the this is the reason they never added the course clarifier, no frequency counter on the melaka!)