Description: All Alpha Antennas are handmade & built to order. We appreciate your
pride & patience in your antenna system as it is being prepared.

The ultra high-performance (High Q) Alpha Loop Jr Antenna version 2 for
10 Watts continuous & 15 Watts PEP that offers converage for 15, 17, 20,
30, & 40 Meters is only 40 inches in diameter, and has a built in tuner at the
base of the antenna. This antenna is so efficient that it can be used indoors
or from your porch/balcony.

Each hand made Alpha Loop Jr appears as a large resonant circuit to your
transceiver. The loop is a large single turn inductor of the circuit. Due to the
large size of the inductor, radiation very easily takes place.

Alpha Loop Analysis

The Alpha Loop Jr is only 40 inches in diameter and sets upon an included
tripod, which all fit inside a Field Bag. As soon as the antenna is deployed
and the coax is connected, then tuning is quick and easily performed on the
Manual Alpha Match.

The amazingly lightweight Alpha Loop Jr is user friendly and comes in its'
own deployment bag. The Manual Alpha Match is made of high impact
plastic and the inner loop utilizes a heavy duty silver plated PL259.
Additionally, all metals used in the construction of the Alpha Loop Jr is
stainless steel, aluminum, or brass.

The Alpha Loop Jr Antenna for QRP is rated at 10 Watts Continuous (15
Watts PEP). SWR can be continuously tuned to a match of less than 1.9:1
on any frequency from the 15 Meter through the 40 Meter band.